We specialize in acquiring EU funds for investment purposes.

For more than 14 years we have been advising the government units and businesses how to choose financing tools (PHARE, SAPARD, structural funds 2004-2006 and 2007-2013)

at the same time providing help with the comprehensive implementation of the investment process, starting with the concept to the closure of the project. So far  we have effectively served a total investment of 700 000 000 PLN. Our best recommendation is a group of satisfied customers and the highest level of service.

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Analysis of possibilities to support customer development and the search for funding on the basis of EU funds

We offer our clients to work together on a strategy which will allow to use funds most efficiently in the company’s development. In order to respond flexibly to the changing realities of the investment, we offer a monthly verification of assumptions.

Service for the
public sector and NGOs

Operational Programme is a new national program (compared to the previous financial perspective 2007-2013). Digital Poland dedicates as much  as 2.2 billion euros to the public sector and NGOs. The main objective of the program is to strengthen the foundations for digital socio- economic development of the country. The main priorities are broad access to high speed internet, efficient and user-friendly e-public services and continuously increasing level of digital literacy of society.

Assistance for Patent

Supporting research and innovation of Polish economy is going to be a priority over the period 2014-2020. We offer our customers interested in implementation of R & D activities in their business assistance in establishing cooperation with relevant scientific research units and researchers. We provide support throughout the entire process associated with obtaining a patent, as well as obtaining all necessary permits and certificates.

The research process

– financial, substantive and methodological support

We secure financing for investments on the innovation and R & D activities. We aim to increase the use of new solutions necessary for economic development and to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the development of Polish society. The implemented project should encourage researchers to develop new solutions useful for businesses and at the same time to persuade entrepreneurs to use these solutions in practice.

Implementation of a modern product / service through an investment process

Intelligent Development Operational Programme will be the main source of funds for investment in innovation in Poland. “From the idea to the market” – this principle will support R & D projects and joint ventures entrepreneurs of science and business. Therefore funds will support all stages of the investment process. Starting from the idea, through the realization of R & D, implementation of the results until their internationalization. SMEs, research institutions and universities, consortia, clusters and technology platforms can count on the maximum level of support. We help our clients in complex investments, from concept to closure of the project.

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